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I hate when suddenly it's late and I realize my entire night just got wasted doing nothing. >__<* There was a meeting in the Matrix, which ended up being kind of circular and pointless, and I think I watched more of the tv I'd left on than the computer screen, though I did read everything that was said.

Wow...people sure are speshul. And I do mean in that particular spelling. The other day when I was running around, just trying to get a feel for the game and all, a guy randomly approached me and "offered" several items of clothing. It's like a trade, only I didn't have to give anything in return. I was very, "..buhwha?" but I took some and after that, I think he did say hello (or some form of it, perhaps "hey") and then asked, "do u have a bf". No question mark, and of course, those fantastic abbreviations to which my mind said, "...?" before translating. Now, I was polite and thanked him for the clothes, making a remark of, "Didn't want to sell them?" so as to maybe convey my confusion as to why I was just given them out of the blue, and he asks if I want to run a mission. While still trying to figure out what the heck to do with this guy, he then returns to his original subject and says, "do u want one". I finally told him no thanks and escaped running a mission with him on account of wanting to run some solo.

But the whole point of this is basically just to say that wow...people are speshul. Why would you walk up to a character who's just standing there (and as Leslie pointed out, who you honestly don't know the gender of, despite the female appearance), and be like, "Here, have some clothes. Hey, got a boyfriend? Want one? I can help you out..." Okay, so he didn't say that last bit, but he might as well have. ::rolls eyes:: Oi...

Let's see, work went okay and then on the way home, I got the idea stuck in my head that it would be really cool (albeit pretty unlikely) if I came home and my manga had arrived. Well lo and behold, they had, and there was much rejoicing. The DMC3 is nothing like I'd hoped, with only a very small confrontation between the brothers (as the cover led me to believe there would be) in the end, but on the second run through, I enjoyed it a little more so hopefully it will grow on me rather like the first one did. The other two manga I'd ordered were enjoyable but sadly, I'd read most of them in those monthly magazine things so while I'm happy to own them, it wasn't like I had a bunch of new stuff to read suddenly. Sadness abounds. Oh well, I've still got The Talisman and a million of those Mary Russell books from Andie.

I'm chilling at Frank and Kathleen's now. I'm watching their house and Max as well as Dad's house and Aja this week. Can you handle it??! Hopefully I can. ^__^; Max says hello to everyone, by the way. Having to watch both houses and animals at the same time, though, means I have to run back and forth between the two houses, as I did just now to make sure the dog had one last chance to go out. It's kind of irritating but I don't have much of a choice and at least the houses are about a two minute drive apart.

Wow...that little blurb about MxO made me want to play again. ~__~ Meh. Maybe I can run one quick mission without dying.

[edit: 1:34 am] Ran some missions, got some XP, met Persephone and bit her face, got killed by nasty peoples, re-read some of DMC3 manga with dictionary, enjoyed muchly. Time for sleep now.
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