Boys suck

Oct. 20th, 2004 12:34 pm
wanderingflame: (omgikeelyoo)
[personal profile] wanderingflame
In case some of you didn't already know this, now you do. >__<* Especially when they say they'll email you and then don't and your already grumpy about this particular person/situation and your a Murphy so you've got a stubborn streak that would slay a mule so it's not like you're going to email him. >________<* Fine. Not like I was really looking forward to eating something hot and rejuvinating like curry or ramen at the school's cafeteria (since it's like winter outside) while I enjoyed chatting with a friend, ANYWAY. And then this IBM ThinkPad (and that's about all it does: think, and slowly at that) takes an eternity to load and now I'm quite grumpy. But in 9 minutes I have to meet Morgan-sensei again to help with that graduate project of his, so I'd best snap out of it, eh?

Hm, make that 6 minutes. >___<* MEH. This grumpy icon is actually quite appropriate considering that even though the typhoon (#22, they don't get names here) is in KYUSHU, it's raining like God has called for the building of the second Great Arc, or something.

< / sarcasm and ranting >

Ack, gotta run. Hope everyone's having a better day wherever you are. ^__~;;

[edit: 6:08 pm]
OMGTHERAIN. Stop. Will need boat soon. Stop. Send help. Stop.

ps- Boys still suck. Finish.

The best part? I have to go back out into the rain in about 20 minutes or so. >__<* I forgot Kazumi and I had a date to see "Two Brothers" until sometime this morning. So Ruza, I apologize but I probably won't be online like I said I would, unless Kazumi calls at the last minute to cancel.

Work for the project went rather well, will possibly explain when I return, depending on just how tired I am. I have first block tomorrow. Feel my soul cry. T__T
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