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Going to try and update this journal more.  I've just had the itch for more journaly-type posts recently and on Tumblr, I feel like anything I say can and will be used against me.  I love that tags allow you to find other people with similar interests, but then if I tag criticism of something, I get ravaged by the fans who believe the tag should only be for positive posts.  I agree that making a hate-filled post and then tagging it to rile up others is wrong, but I disagree that you shouldn't post criticism with tags that are relevant to that post.  Especially since I might want to use those tags when looking through my blog.

So...yeah.  Long story short, I will attempt to put my thoughts here more often, rather than nowhere at all.  Maybe it'll make my head feel less cluttered.

For those who follow my in both places, there may be some overlap.

First, some reading I've been doing, with spoiler thoughts under cuts.  (Tumblr's Read More ain't got nothing on mid-post lj-cuts.)

Finished The Silvered by Tanya Huff yesterday.  It's the first book I bought for my tablet (should probably post about that) after getting hooked by the sample.  It was definitely way too easy, so I'll need to police myself or end up buying ALL the books.  Also need to look further into how the library e-books work.

I enjoyed The Silvered, though I'm kind of torn about the ending.  It seemed to wrap-up very quickly (and maybe a little too neatly) so I'm hoping that means there's a sequel in the works.  There was a lot going on that I wanted to explore more.  Suffice to say, when I read the hardcover sleeve in B&N, I was kind of so-so on it, but then I got a taste for the world in the sample I downloaded and was hooked.  I really liked her take on magic in that universe.

I couldn't help thinking of Mirian as Neo from The Matrix by the end of the book.  I think I would've preferred if she just went completely blind, because that was already what was being hinted at.  The seeing everything in shades of gray just made me think of how Neo saw code.  Also, I'm dying to know if Huff was hinting at at OT3 at the end! It wouldn't be surprising, considering some of her other books, but it's so open-ended! AUGH.  Maybe there will be a sequel where it's developed more.

In addition to the temptations offered by the tablet, I'm trying to work through this stack of books.  So far I've finished Rosemary and Rue and The Fall of Reach.  I really liked the latter, much more than I thought I would.  I've never been interested in the Halo games, but that's mostly because they're FPS.  A few months ago I watched a 24 hr marathon of the Halo games with two of the GiantBomb guys, and the story seemed kind of interesting.  I really enjoyed Master Chief's story in this book, so much so that I re-watched the 24 hr marathon to better understand the plot in those games.  Could've used less Flood.

As much as it seemed up my alley, I didn't really like Rosemary and Rue. :<

In the Sookie Stackhouse books, I always got annoyed at how often Sookie got beaten up because they could just use vampire blood as the magic cure-all.  (The show was even worse, in my opinion.) I can't even remember how many times Toby almost dies in this one (three maybe?) and it's only the first in the series.  When looking to see which titles fell in what order, I saw a review complaining that she got beaten up too much and that was the sixth in the series, so I guess it's an ongoing trend.

I also was kind of skeeved out by the dynamics with Toby and her men.  Tybalt seemed like the usual "starts of antagonistic, then they grow on each other", so he didn't bother me.  (Reminded me of Curran and Kate.)  Devin really creeped me out but I tried to rationalize that the controlling aspect allowed the reader to see how far Toby had come from that point in her life.  I thought Connor was okay until the "I don't think you mean that" line when I was like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Bad enough you're dismissing your wife (even if she is crazy) but to keep pushing when Toby was trying to be reasonable... It totally threw me out of the story for a moment, even if nothing happened.So I like Toby's world but I don't think I'm going to continue with the series.  Not when I have other books on my list.

Not sure what I'll read next.  I've tried picking up Lightwing a couple of times but it's just not catching me.  I've read everything else by Tara K. Harper (both the cat and wolf series, except maybe Wolf in Night) so I thought this was a shoe-in, but the writing style is way different than what I remember of her other books.  That combined with a plot that's not hooking me has meant I struggle through a few pages, then forget about it for a week.  Might try Mutineer next, to keep my sci-fi love going strong.

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