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So after a little more work, I was able to get the third part of this short story done. *cheers* Didn't take too long to get it done, once I escaped distractions, which pleases me. Most of this part is a flashback, starting after the first line and ending before the last line. Just in case anyone was confused. This here translator was trying to figure out where the sound of fire was when she suddenly thought, "Ah, duh. She must be sitting in front of a fire, remembering all this."

The first two parts can be found here and here, for those needing a refresher. I have to say, I was impressed that while reading this (in Japanese), I understood enough to get chills at one point. I don't know why seeing it in English doesn't cause the same effect, but go figure. ^__^;;

Also, I've decided from here on out to translate what sounds the best, as opposed to making sure the words are as close to the original Japanese as possible. Because several times in this chapter I had sentences that were literal translations, but were so blah they were almost like reading a textbook or manual. "The handle was turned by Jane. The door opened. On the other side of the door was a person." Do you really want to call that a "short story"? ~__~;

  • Setting off

  • If she thinks of defeating “Sin”, she remembers that time. The day she lost her husband, the day that was like a nightmare.

    Their hometown: a small village built on the coastline.

    The village people had gathered in the plaza, laughing happily, drinking alcohol, and telling tales. It was a joyous celebration banquet like a festival. It was the wedding ceremony of the once Summoner.1

    Weddings, for those living in fear of “Sin”, were the most joyous occasions. Giving birth to strong and study children was more important than anything else. Following Yevon’s teachings, that is connected to the increase of the number of people who regret their crimes. If the crimes vanish, “Sin” will also vanish. So that those teachings are not lost, people must give birth to and raise children. For the sake of Spira’s future. Therefore weddings were a joyous occasion.2

    Of course, they weren’t just thinking of happiness logically, but embracing it as an emotion itself. It’s just, that was the only reasoning they had for the source of their feelings.

    The young pair, now turned husband and wife, were filled with happiness. The young wife received words of blessing from her husband’s dear friend, a mage.3 That smile, without lie or deception, was just pure emotion.

    When the village filled with faces smiling in celebration was covered in a sudden black shadow, it was surely at the peak of her happiness. From over the mountain towering behind the village, the enormous “Sin” came flying, floating in the sky.

    Seeing “Sin” for the first time she was more overwhelming than just listening to a story, and felt a hopeless fear beyond imagining.

    What her husband was shouting, she didn’t understand. But with him tugging on her hand, saying “Just run away,” she understood. At the same time, she saw “Sin” at the shore, a spectacle of death, and watched that enormous wave approaching the village. Despair swept through her whole body. As she was running, her husband pulling her by the hand, a violent impact hit her in the back. For an instant, her eyes met her husband's. That became their farewell.

    How much time had passed? She realized someone was calling her name. When she opened her eyes, her husband’s close friend was there. He looked relieved, but just when she asked about her husband, his face darkened. Then, she heard the words she didn’t want to accept.

    “He’s dead.”

    Half the village’s people had been swept away by the wave. The remaining half was dying in the washed-up village. However, for her, numbers held no meaning. After all, even if there wasn’t a single other person, the grief of her husband’s death wouldn’t have changed, right? Just like the previous night before the marriage, the sun sank below the horizon. However, the smiling face of her husband she could see until yesterday was gone. The chest she could be embraced warmly against had completely chilled.4 The mouth which had once spoken tender words, had hardened, twisted in agony.

    The sound of the fire rose and fell. She realized then that she had been crying without knowing it. Memories always were her strength: the strength to go on, the strength to overthrow “Sin”. That was what she thought.

    1. I didn't think that Summoners, once they married, gave up their profession but the word used here can only mean "once, ex-, former, etc" so who knows?
    2. No, this logic makes so sense to me either. But that's what it said.
    3. Heh heh..remember that "man of heresy" thing? Well as it turns out, the three Kanji 魔道士 are used for "mage" in Japanese, not "man of heresy" (which I knew had to be wrong because that's just silly).
    4. I would just like to say that Japanese can be very silly sometimes with its flowery use of words. I translated this as completely chilled, but it was originally "冷たく冷えきっていた" which means literally, "coldly chilled". Because obviously we need the author to point out that a chilled object is also cold. >__o

    And for anyone who was wondering, the line that gave me goosebumps was "For an instant, her eyes met her husband's." I don't know...for some reason, "瞬間、夫と目が合った" just gets me more poignantly than the translation. I suppose that's my own fault. ;___;

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