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First up, amusing Engrish images I snapped with my phone.
Image Hosted by imagehosting.us Image Hosted by imagehosting.us Image Hosted by imagehosting.us Image Hosted by imagehosting.us

I love the first one; it's a pamplet on types of chocolate. Who knew Satan could be so delicious? XD Leslie asked me to get the second one for her when we were at a Starbucks, because I could get it discreetly with my phone. ^__~; As for the last two, one was a pair of pants and the other was a shirt I saw the other day with MJ and Shar. I think they speak for themselves. *cackles*

And then recently, I've been fooling around in PSP...
1. Image Hosted by imagehosting.us 2. Image Hosted by imagehosting.us 3. Image Hosted by imagehosting.us 4. Image Hosted by imagehosting.us Image Hosted by imagehosting.us 5. Image Hosted by imagehosting.us

4 has lyrics from Tori Amos's "Iieee" and I'm actually kind of proud of that one considering the base image I started with looked like this:
Image Hosted by imagehosting.us
I tried lots of different phrases for 3, but finally went with that one. If Leslie had made it, I'm sure the text would've been much more amusing, but c'est la vie. Lyrics in 5 are from Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street".

I've been feeling less than 100% the last couple of days and I don't know why, I just have. It frustrated me last night when I tried writing an intellectual review of quite possibly my favorite author ever, only to have it come out like five-day-old carp, and has further irritated me simply because no one likes to feel like poo, let along unexplainable poo. >___o I'm going to sleep now and hopefully tomorrow will be loads of fun despite this stupid "I'm not a cold and I'm not allergies but I'll make you feel funky anyway!" feeling.

My formerly awesome image host seems to be having issues today so if some of the pictures don't load, try rereshing the page, or right-clicking and choosing "show picture".
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