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More translations...Part two of 'A trip for revenge'  )

...I feel like I should be dancing around with maracas to this song or something. ^___^;
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Kitten asked about this and LJ makes a good archive, if nothing else, so I thought, "Why not post it? It's cut so no one who'd be bored to tears by it has to read it." So there you have it.

This is the first "chapter" of the first short story in the book Yevon's dogma and the People on the Spira in the section "The tales of no name summoners". There are seven chapters in total, but seeing as it took an entire afternoon to get through this first one (granted, I did spend time on copying the words and definitions into another document, to help with translating later chapters), the others will probably be slow to come. The rest is under the cut tag.

A trip for revenge )
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Okay, just pbbbbbbt. I forgot to take my allergy medicine, I left my AC running, I can't use my laptop because the wrong room is open and so pbbbbbbt you, evil hand of fate. I'm going to Matsuya for super awesome curry and you can just fall off a cliff.

You tell 'em, birdy!
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The moment you have waited for is here... I give you Gackt`s `The Sixth Day and the Seventh Night` tour review!!

It is looooong. Consider yourself warned...
The Sixth Day and the Seventh Night... )

Thoughts on Gackt concerts in general... )
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Because I absolutely swear that come hell or high water I am reviewing the concert by the end of this weekend, here's a little preview:

The set list:
Intro video
Secret Garden
Seki Ray
Last Song (unplugged version)
Kimi ga matteiru kara (unplugged version)
Mind forest (unplugged)
(Video during water break)
Papa lapped a pap lopped
(band introductions and speech)
Kimi ga oikaketa yuma
Another World
Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
Saikai ~story~
Ending video

Now when I get up tomorrow, Hughes is going to compel me to get the review in detail written. And somehow study for my ;kqcjwcbn;pqetfh Kanji test on Monday. It's honest to God 無理, though. There's just no other word for it. And Sarah agrees. So hey, at least I'll have someone to toast with as we gown with the ship together.Cheers, mate. ::raises glass::

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